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About me

Digital wine marketer, wine blogger & writer, #winelover

This site is partly about some content curation, partly about me.

After a long journey through interactive technologies markets (PCs, software, multimedia, telecommunications, etc.), in 2005 I started with my own wine blog, Aristide.biz, written in Italian language.

It was such a success that, in 2007, I left my day job to join the wine industry, as a web marketing and digital communication consultant.

Now I'm helping wine producers to promote their brands online, leveraging digital innovations and direct communication with customers. I'm founder and partner of Fermenti Digitali, and in a new venture called Terroir Amarone.

I live and work in northern Italy, right among the vineyards that make Valpolicella and Amarone wines, between the city of Verona and Lake Garda.

My English... :-)

Sorry for my English. It's not my mother's language. I'm Italian. And I'm an enthusiast. Eager to write about Italian wines (with other stuff) to foreign friends. So avid that I can't wait for a professional translation. Some tools support my writing "abilities", but there's a lot to learn. And I'm learning. So, please, be patient with me...

My place: Valpolicella, Verona, Italy

My Digital Presence

Here in this site, you may explore the many places where my person shows a digital version of his professional life and presence on social media and web sites.
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Are you interested to my curriculum vitae? Please, ask through an email. In the meanwhile, you may check a preview about my professional skills here on Vizualize.me.

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